We bear responsibility.

As a steadily growing family business, we believe it’s our responsibility to take responsibility. We are not only resilient in the here and now, but have long been prepared for the future. We assume economic, ecological and social responsibility.

We rely on process optimisation and state-of-the-art technology. Our products are increasingly being manufactured in a resource-conserving and sustainable way. We continuously conserve CO2, energy and water. We achieve this success by constantly investing in digitalisation, state-of-the-art refrigeration systems, photovoltaics, thermal insulation, compressed air and other process optimisations.

Our forward-looking approach to sustainability is also reflected in the use of our selected ingredients. We source most of our ingredients in reusable containers and at the same time keep waste in production as low as possible. In order to counteract food waste, products that do not meet our high quality standards, but which are flawless in the true sense of the word, are GMP-certified and fed into other production cycles such as animal feed production or biogas production.

Packaging design.

As an innovative company, one of our daily tasks is to realise optimisations. Therefore, our product packaging is also constantly reviewed to develop possible improvements.

Since our packaging plays a large part in ensuring that all our products are known for their long shelf life and, at the same time, their extremely good taste, it is unfortunately not yet possible for us to completely dispense with plastic at the moment. However, we are intensively looking into plastic alternatives and are already working on possible solutions.

Our boxes are made from FSC-certified papers and are almost 100% recyclable.

We know that our employees are the most valuable resource that is indispensable for our company. Therefore, we not only attach great importance to economic and ecological responsibility with regard to our products, but also see ourselves as a future-proof employer with social responsibility for our employees and fellow human beings.

Mutual appreciation is particularly important to us. Therefore, we regularly and gladly promote both the professional and personal development of our employees. We also support them within the framework of company health management. We organise various health days every year. Nutritional consultations, health checks or other training courses take place. In addition, we organise cycling bonus campaigns, take part in local sporting events and much more.

DNK Declaration of Conformity

Would you like to learn more about sustainability at our company? Here you can find our current sustainability report according to the DNK (German Sustainability Code).