Sustainability Report 2017

40 41 14. EMPLOYEE RIGHTS The company shall report how it is adhering to nationally and internationally recognised standards for employee rights, as well as promoting the partici- pation of staff in the company and in the sustainability management of the company, what targets it is setting itself in this regard, what results have been achieved so far and where it perceives risks. German standards for employee rights: We operate only at the locations Bocholt and Drossdorf. As we are based in Germa- ny, German social laws, which provide for a high standard of employee rights, apply to us. There is a works council. Fair remuneration: A company collective wage agreement has been worked out together with the NGG – the trade union for foodstuffs, drinks and the tobacco industry. We offer fair wages in accordance with the collective wage agreement and special annual payments, such as Christmas and holiday pay. Personnel development and further training: As an attractive employer, education and further training are particularly important to us. We therefore support our staff in their further professional training. Company health management: We regularly organise sport and health courses for our staff, led by professional trainers. For example, back exercises, complete body training or nutrition counselling. Regular health checks are likewise offered as part of the company health management programme. In 2016, a thorough health examination of the staff in Bocholt was carried out through the medical centre in Velen. In 2017, health measures were implemented for the staff in Drossdorf, with the support of the AOK general health insurance fund. Company doctor: Our staff are looked after by a company doctor and consultation appointments can be arranged for staff upon request. Every staff member receives individual care. Company events: Regular company events create a positive working atmosphere. These include summer festivals or participation in sporting events like the Bocholt City Run or football tournaments. Society EMPLOYEE ISSUES CRITERIA 14–16 We ensure that our staff participates in the sustainability management of the company: · One staff member has been appointed by the Sustain- ability Officer. She is fully involved in working out the sustainability strategy. · In the future, it is planned to request ideas and sugges- tions for improvements from staff on a more systematic basis and to incorporate these into the sustainability strategy.