Sustainability Report 2017

Energy Land Emission Water Soil Waste Biodiversity 29 28 11. UTILISATION OF NATURAL RESOURCES The company shall disclose the extent to which natural resources are utilised for the business operation. This point refers to materials, as well as the input and output of water, soil, waste, energy, land area, biodiversity as well as emissions for the lifecycle of products and services. The factories in Bocholt and Drossdorf utilise various natural resources: gas and electricity, in particular, are used in the production of baked goods. Our operation is classified as an energy-intensive company. For details on the extent of this utilisation please see the performance indicators for Criteria 11–12. In the value-creation chain, we see our greatest opportu- nities for improving our environmental effects as being in the production of our baked goods. Our objectives are thereby focused on the aspects that are important to us – power consumption and CO 2 emissions. In 2017, about 53 % of our greenhouse gas emissions are accounted for by gas consumption, and about 28 % by power consump- tion. Breakdown of CO 2 emissions: Environmental concerns NATURAL RESOURCES 53% from gas consumption 28% from power consumption