Sustainability Report 2017

25 24 10. INNOVATION AND PRODUCT MANAGEMENT The company shall disclose how it is contributing to im- proving sustainability in its use of resources and among its users by means of appropriate processes. Regarding its essential products and services, it shall likewise set out whether and how their current and future effects on the value-creation chain and in the product lifecycle is assessed. The baked goods are produced using modern machines of the highest technical calibre at the Bocholt and Dross- dorf locations. Operator-friendly machines and ergonom- ic workstations protect employees’ health. In product development, we make sure that the baked goods are as natural as possible, with the least possible use of additives. OUR BEST Our packaging technology is innovative. The packaging machines are developed together with the manufactur- ers, so that we are working with tailor-made technolo- gies. Innovations for our staff include: · The new staff portal for improved communication · Custom-made hearing protection from high noise exposure for production staff · Staff trainings through e-learning · Swift communication through the news ticker on the television in the break room In the “Environment” action field, we are going to be calculating a carbon footprint for the first products from financial year 2018 onwards. PERFORMANCE INDICATORS FOR CRITERION 10 Performance Indicator G4-FS11. Percentage of financial investments that have undergone a positive or negative selection process in accordance with environmental or social factors. (Note: A report on this indicator must also be drawn up when reporting in accordance with GRI SRS) There are currently no financial investments, nor are any planned. Processmanagement