Sustainability Report 2017

20 21 PERFORMANCE INDICATORS FOR CRITERIA 5–7 Performance Indicator GRI SRS-102-16: Values. The reporting organisation shall disclose the following information: a. A description of the values, basic principles, standards and standards of conduct of the organisation. In our company philosophy , we have laid down, among other points, the following values and basic standards of conduct: Our guiding principle is sustainability, particularly with regard to social, ethical and ecological aspects. · We keep our performance promise to our customers, suppliers and staff. We cultivate an amicable colla- boration with these partners in a relationship that is characterised by trust, reliability, openness, objectivity and consistency. · We place value on an excellent, well-balanced working atmosphere, as well as a strong, dedicated team spirit. · We further the future of the company and ensure that the technical and economic standard is maintained and developed further. · Our standards of conduct and suppliers are in com- pliance with the relevant requirements of the BSCI standards (Business Social Compliance Initiative). In this regard, we comply with the requirements, based on social, labour and environmental law, as well as the collective wage agreement regulations that apply to our company. These basic principles and further standards of conduct of the company, such as rules for social conduct, have been defined in the Company Regulations . These rules are issued to staff twice a year. Further standards of conduct are laid down in the quality management system, in the company regulations for service providers and in the company regulations for customers. 8. INCENTIVE SYSTEMS The company shall disclose how the target agreements and salaries/wages for executives and staff are also oriented towards reaching sustainability objectives and long-term value creation. It shall disclose the extent to which the achievement of these objectives form part of the evaluation of the top management level (Executive Board/senior management) by the controlling body (Supervisory Board/Advisory Board). Financial incentive systems for achieving sustainability targets are currently not yet being implemented but are conceivable for our executives at a later date. OUR COMPANY PHILOSOPHY KEY PRINCIPLE IS SUSTAINABILITY GOOD WORK ATMOSPHERE FURTHER COMPANY FUTURE KEEP SERVICE PROMISES A STRONG TEAM SPIRIT Processmanagement