Sustainability Report 2017

13 12 Strategy 3. OBJECTIVES The company shall disclose what qualitative and/or quantitative, as well as scheduled, sustainability objectives it will set and operationalise, and how it will monitor the degree to which these are achieved. Our sustainability strategy is subdivided into the following action fields: · Environment · Staff · Supply chain/procurement · Customers · Society · Sustainability communication Our long-term sustainability objectives are: · Environment: At our two production sites in Bocholt and Drossdorf, we work in an eco-friendly and resource-saving manner, while also paying attention to environmental sustainability throughout the value chain. · Staff: We offer attractive jobs and work with highly motivated staff who are proud to work at our company. We ensure the optimal health and safety for our employees. · Supply chain/procurement: The suppliers and products/ services procured are also selected in accordance with environmental and social criteria. · Customers: We produce delicious, top-quality baked OUR OBJECTIVES goods for our customers, manufactured in an environ- mentally and socially sustainable way. · Society: Our company fosters the public good and supports charitable causes. · Communication: We regularly issue transparent internal and external reports on our sustainability achievements and progress. Since 2017, we’ve been working with a sustainability programme to operationalise the above objectives: besides the long-term strategic objectives, we set ourselves short-term goals within specially defined action fields. For this purpose, we determine the appropriate operational measures to be implemented within the space of one financial year. The implementation dates and responsible persons are allocated to each measure in written action plans. In addition, quantitative and/or qualitative performance indicators are, whenever possible, clearly defined for the measures allocated to the objectives, in order to be able to gauge the effects of each measure. On the scheduled implementation dates, the implemen- tation successes and results of the measures are regularly monitored and recorded in writing, described either quantitatively or qualitatively, by the strategy team. When collecting the data, we pay great attention to reliability, comparability and consistency.