The Sinnack Philosophy: More than Quality.

The right recipe is needed for success. We offer various recipes in the form of products that are more than baked goods; they are baked specialties.

We only use selected and top-quality raw materials for our products. The manufacturing process for our products starts with the dough preparation, followed by the baking itself and then the products are packed at our production sites which are exclusively in Germany. True to the Sinnack philosophy: Quality you can taste!

More than Rules: Principles.

The baking trade has many traditions and principles. At Sinnack these are all consciously and actively maintained – and always applied in the interests of our customers. Our multi-award winning products prove our huge passion for uncompromising quality down to the very last detail.

More than Transparency: IFS-certified.

If we talk about the quality of our products, we could simply say that, "Sinnack Backspezialitäten was the first bakery company in Germany to obtain an IFS Certification". For us, however, it is more important to clearly tell you what this means for you. We produce our baked specialities with greatest expertise for you. And this is something you can rely on – with certainty.

At the beginning of the year we once again participated very successfully in the independent audit of the International Food Standard. Both of our production sites, in Bocholt and Droßdorf, achieved the best possible result of Higher Level Certification. 

More than enjoyment and quality: "Made in German Counties"

Food products "Made in Germany" stand for reliability, quality, highest standards, sustainable production, innovation and culinary diversity. The quality label for products "Made in German Counties" honors this promise of German food manufacturers.

The following prerequisites must be fulfilled for the award: production in Germany, traditional recipes / products and proven product quality. The Sinnack products meet these conditions and may therefore use the quality label "Made in German Counties".

More than Excellent - Sinnack awarded Top Brand "Top Marke 2017".

Sinnack belongs to the 100 most successful brands of the year! The grocery trade magazine „Lebensmittel Zeitung“ awards the 100 most successful brands in the major categories based on GfK (one of the world’s leading market research companies) figures. Among more than 5.000 product brands Sinnack has established itself as one of the top brands. Therefore Sinnack is one of 100 brands that have shown the best performance in their group through sustainable branding. In the category of ready to bake products Sinnack has been declared the winner for the third time since 2013. 

More flavour: Sinnack Kaiser Rolls received award in "Product of the Year 2016". 

When choosing the "Product of the Year 2016", Sinnack Kaiser rolls have been awarded the Silver Medal.

Consumers have decided: In a nationwide survey from the grocery magazine "Lebensmittel Praxis" our rolls impressed many. Baked with a slight hint of butter and real bakery quality, our kaiser rolls gained recognition in the product category "bread and bakery products". This direct feedback from customers confirms the high quality of our products. You can find more information about the delicious Sinnack Kaiser rolls in our product range.


Sinnack has much more to offer

There is hardly a trade that has changed as much in the past 100 years, as the trade of the baker. Sinnack is one of the few baking companies that have continually accompanied this development.

We strive to use this rich body of experience for the benefit of our customers. Because of this, we offer both our commercial partners and our end customers something they really need: more!

More than Technology - Enthusiasm. 

With 30 baking belts, Sinnack is one of Germany’s most efficient major bakeries. Our modern state-of-the-art production technology, comprehensive know-how of the trade, and reliable quality control are only a reflection of what is really important to us - the real enthusiasm we have for our trade!

More than Products - Success.

Not only are we enthusiastically conscientious about the excellent quality of our products, but also about the »little« things in the background. These include a clear assortment, which are available for attractive prices, as well as a quick delivery guarantee. Only in successfully achieving this, do our baked specialties mean success for our customers.

More than Ingredients - Taste.

We solely use selected, first-class ingredients for our products. Others would usually stop at this point. We, however, go one step further. All of our ingredients are processed with one more very important ingredient – good taste.

More than Bulk - Standards.

High levels of production result in high levels of responsibility. For example, the adherence to quality assurance guidelines. Or the selection of suppliers, as well as the adherence to the most current and strict international standards. Product safety and a good price performance-ratio are also important to us. In summary, we do not deliver products in bulk. We deliver standards.

More than Service - Commitment.

Our employees are aware of our fine tradition. They are flexible, young and experienced, straightforward and creative, respectable and innovative. For some this might seem unusual. However, it is one of our most important assets. Nothing at Sinnack cancels out the other. Instead, they complement each other. All this results in competence, service, and personal commitment to our customers.

More than Tradition - Future.

Being a family-owned company with more than 100 years of experience, we have the advantage of being able to access this wealth of experience and knowledge that enables us to successfully plan production strategies far in advance. This results in satisfaction instead of surprises, flexibility instead of shortages, advantages instead of disadvantages; cooperation with our partners that results in the dependable prospects they deserve.